• Budget tour the world, I tell you everything!

    I give you many tips for traveling around the world and I regularly explain that traveling does not cost as much as you might think. But some of you still do not realize that to go around the world, you do not necessarily need to have a very busy bank account! I still get a lot of messages, wondering how I was able to get around the world. Hear that, with what money !?

    No need to win the lottery to go around the world!

    I’m sorry to disappoint you but L’Oiseau Rose is not a millionaire … I would have liked, you can believe me! But my life course makes this just is not the case. Yet at the age of 27, I’ve been traveling the world for over a year, exactly 15 months! But how could I have been able to leave so long if I did not have a lot of money? While a simple trip to a distant country costs at least 1500 € for just 10 days of vacation … But what is its secret? Does it matter to us in the background?

    Well no, the information I give you is not false, it is really possible to travel for very little money, if you choose a particular mode of travel, “the trip in a backpack” .

    Because maybe I will give you a scoop, but traveling in a “backpacker” way, with a simple backpack, has absolutely nothing to do with a classic travel offer that one finds in travel agencies or on the Web. When you go around the world and have little money, you should not leave anything behind. You know these things that cost you everyday money, like your rent or your car’s insurance. You must leave everything! And this is certainly the most difficult part of a round the world trip. For, from one day to the next, everything that constituted our little cozy interior is sold, and we find ourselves, it must be said clearly, homeless! So SDF in the proper sense of the term, that is to say, homeless! I mention this in a previous article: “To go around the world, I became homeless”

    We must organize to spend as little as possible

    After having left behind his job and his lodging, you have to choose these destinations if you want to go around the world for cheap, for many months. Indeed, a trip to Australia will not have the same cost as a trip to Cambodia for example … It is therefore necessary to make concessions on destinations and choose according to its budget rather than according to its desires . But I did not personally find it frustrating or annoying to move to destinations where the cost of living is low. Because these are often destinations where lifestyles are very different from ours, far from the Western way of life. So you learn a lot more about yourself by traveling in these countries and if you want to be away from home, it is simply the ideal.

    To give you concrete examples, here is the list of the countries I visited during my round the world and in order: India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Bolivia, Peru. Elsewhere there are other countries where the cost of living is low and I could have visited much more if I had wanted to. But as I pointed out in an article on the slow travel , trying to “see everything”, “do everything”, is not necessarily the best way to enjoy a trip. It is better to take your time and spend several weeks (even several months) in one country, in order to understand the culture and try to understand a little better the way of life of its inhabitants.

    Beyond a selection of countries where the cost of living is low and in which you should not spend too much money, you should give priority to public transport that is not expensive, such as the bus, and Therefore limit the air travel, which cost much more expensive! To give you an example again, I went from India to Nepal by bus, idem to move between Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia, or between Bolivia and Peru. For the other routes, I obviously selected the cheapest flights, being as flexible as possible. So some will tell you that round the world tickets can save you money, but from my point of view, less flying allows even more savings! And you will be completely free of your movements in this way.

    Once in place, it is also necessary to limit all expenditures on a day-to-day basis. As soon as I arrived in a new place, I asked for rates in many accommodations and I always picked the cheapest. Needless to say, comfort was not at all the priority. I personally prefer to travel several months and leave my comfort aside as to leave a week in a 5 star hotel once a year. And it’s the same for food, I hardly ever ate at the restaurant, the street markets being much more accessible. You can also cook in some accommodations, and this is the best way to save money!

    Budget to plan before traveling around the world

    Before traveling around the world, a budget will be allocated to your vaccines, your travel insurance and your equipment. Health and wellness are things to consider before you leave as this will allow you to leave the light mind, knowing that you have everything you need.

    Vaccines: Before being concretely on the road, there are already some expenses to be carried out. Depending on the countries you plan to visit, different vaccines will be needed. So do not think that you will decide yourself which vaccines to carry out. It is best to talk to your doctor or a Pasteur Institute for recommendations by country. Some vaccines are mandatory, others are not. And you still have the choice and room for maneuver. However, vaccines against hepatitis A and B must be made. And often we supplement with Typhoid, yellow fever and why not rabies if you travel in remote places. But globally, count about 200 € per person for all necessary vaccines.

    Insurance: Good travel insurance is also required when traveling around the world. I had hesitated a long time before taking one because it clearly annoyed me to spend money for a “hypothetical” accident but, even if it did not happen finally, I do not regret the ” Have taken. Because we never know what can happen and I will not have been very enthusiastic about having to pay several thousand euros in case of big problems. Because healthcare expenses abroad are expensive, often much more than in France and a glitch may well cost you very very expensive.

    Equipment: At the level of equipment, you should not spend much in the end. You must of course have a good backpack for your tour of the world, and you will have to buy at least one bag sheet (which allows you to have a protective cloth when the bedding is of doubtful cleanliness or when it does a little Fresh) and a good pair of hiking shoes and a quality jacket if you plan to spend in some colder places. For the rest, you should already have what’s needed in your wardrobe … For my part I have never invested in “technical” clothing that often cost fortunes. It is better to take clothes than you usually wear, and change it along the way if necessary, buying what you need on the spot. For example, as soon as I arrived in Thailand, I bought two / three T-shirts and two little dresses, which I then wore without stopping during the rest of the trip. For high-tech equipment, most people already have what it takes. Who does not have a camera at home? But, just like the budget to spend on the spot, that of equipment can reach highs, it’s up to you to see where your priorities are.

    • Average budget for vaccines: 200 €
    • Average budget of a travel insurance: 350 €
    • Average budget for the equipment: 500 €

    Average cost around the world: 15,000 € per person for one year

    This figure is an average established after numerous testimonies of travelers. For my part, and following my personal experience, I find it a little high. Because if you want to know the budget of my own round the world, it was rather 13,000 for two people, for 15 months. But as I explained earlier, it was necessary to turn to “the cheapest” each time. Also, do not think that when you are two, the rate doubles necessarily, no! I also thought this before leaving but it was realized, Mr. Oiseau Rose and I, that it was always cheaper to take a double room than two places in a dormitory. And it suited us well because when traveling as a couple, it is still more pleasant to stay quiet together during the night and to have a little privacy.

    The budget of my own trip: 13,000 for two people for 15 months.

    But the cost of my world tour is low compared to the average. Yet we did not really deprive ourselves at the activity level as you can see in this list of extraordinary activities that I could do around the world. But, given that the overall average is 15,000 €, you are more likely to spend a little more. In fact, everything will depend on your lifestyle on the road and the countries visited. You can force yourself to visit several countries by continent to get into the mold of a “round the world”, but you can also consider your trip as you feel, without worrying about those who will tell you ” Have not seen all the countries, you have not really been around the world “Ahaha. But beyond the spending on the spot, there are imperatives that have an almost identical cost for everyone, so I will tell you about it.

    On-site costs vary widely from one country to another

    Once there, the cost of living will vary enormously from one country to another. So if like me you go from India to the Philippines, Cambodia or Vietnam, you will not have very big disparities in your monthly budget. On the other hand, if you go from Thailand to Australia, you will soon feel the difference. You should therefore know roughly what maximum budget you can spend per month and average according to the countries you plan to go through.

    On average, in a country where the cost of living is low, you can easily spend less than 20 € per day. To tell you the truth, in some countries we have spent just 10 € / 15 € per day for two people (in Nepal and India in particular). The accommodations are so inexpensive, as well as the food, that it is enough not to move often so that the budget falls very low … But the general average of expenses per month for a round the world, varies between 500 is 800 € per month and per person.

    During my round the world, the monthly budget rarely exceeded 500 €. Needless to say that this amount is well below what I can spend in France each month … If I accumulate the amount of rent, different insurance and expenses, well it was easy to spend much less money by being On the road than having a standard life in France. You now know why travelers often say they spend less money by being on the road!

    Obviously this monthly budget is only possible in countries where costs are low. Afterwards, free to travel to countries considered expensive (like America, Argentina, New Zealand or Japan and Australia), but try to balance with other countries, to balance the budget .

    Also, do not forget visas. Each time you arrive in a new country, you will have to pay a visa (except in countries where there is a visa exemption for French people). But the rates are not as high as one might think and a visa costs on average thirty euros (here are some rates for examples: India: 62 €, China: 60 €, Vietnam: 35 €, Nepal: 30 €, Laos: 30 €, Burma: 25 €, Indonesia: 25 €, Cambodia: 30 € – New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Argentina: Free

    But where to find the money to finance his round the world?

    If you want to go around the world there is no real secret, you will have to save for it! Set aside every month as much as you can in order to realize your dream. And to be able to save effectively, the best is to leave some time aside the leisure you can have in France. Cooking instead of going to the restaurant, having a drink at home with friends instead of spending 20 € in a trendy bar, take public transport instead of having a fee for maintenance of a car etc. … I hear a lot of people say they have no money. But when I see how they squander their money for X or Y reasons, I do not hide from you that I want to smile … Everything is a matter of choice in life and I have come a long way back on it in my Article “why travel is not a chance”

    You can also consider working on site to earn a little money and extend the trip to the maximum. You can look for a job by yourself but in most countries it is rarely simple to get a work visa. You can therefore opt for a Working Holiday Visas, and thus work legally in one of the partner countries (Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay ) For 6 months or one year.

    Finally, be aware that some travelers leave without a penny in their pocket. But it is yet another way of traveling, where morality is constantly under strain (hitchhiking to get around, asking for food and accommodation every day, not hesitating to sleep outside, etc.). But this is a way of travel that must be carefully considered because it is especially a life experience, allowing to discover the world otherwise.

    You now know the average cost of a round-the-world trip around the world: 15,000 € per person. But this rate can vary enormously from one traveler to another (depending on the way you travel, how you look at it, and also depending on the countries visited.) If you need more information, All you need on the page dedicated to the preparation of a round the world