Welcome to my page!

My name is Mr.Shareitforpca and I am working in Vietnam Original Travel as Tour Manager.

I was born Jan 1981 in Hanoi city. I graduated from Le Quy Don high school in Hanoi in July 1995 and from the Hanoi University of Culture with Bachelor of languages. After that, I took part in the course of tourism management which was the turning point for my career.

During my study, I also was taking some chances to gain firsthand experiences and money for my own living from part time job at fast food restaurants including Mc Donalds, Burger King or Pizza Hut. I later recognized that why I did not use my strengths from studying for a new and better job which could help my studying in reserve was part time in. Because, I had not graduated, I could not join any travel companies, I only joined English groups or clubs which could bring me opportunities to practice language skill and ability of speaking in front of others.

After completing my education, I worked as freelance tour guide. I cooperated with many travel agencies in Vietnam from small to big ones. I traveled a lot and met many foreign visitors and locals as well. I explored that Vietnam was a very beautiful country with many interesting attractions from the nature to people. However, I found there were many problems related to tourism management in our country which gave me a big passion that I needed to change it. Although, Vietnam is endowed by big potentials for tourism, but many things were not operated professionally. Besides, the locals did not gain the most benefits from it. The environment was effected seriously.   At that time, I was wondering that how I could do to make the passion become true when I just graduated and did not have enough experiences and money?

After some days, I found the answer for myself which was that I could be a tour guide but still support the locals by asking them to make more their handicraft products and protect the environment by recommending tourists or locals put litter into the right box on the roads. Besides, I have introduced more friends to visit my country especially at the remote areas where local people are very poor and the trips are quite authentic and avoid the crowd. Also, I often suggest my clients to donate their clothes, books, school items or any things which they no longer use to the locals.  By doing this, I hope can help the locals to improve their living conditions so they can reach to better health care system and education.

As an active tour guide, I have received the award of young talent tour guide from Ministry of culture, sport and tourism. Besides, with over 10 years of experience, I am being recommended by my tourists who have led by me when visiting Vietnam to their friends and colleagues. I am often called as Mr Happy because I am very inspired, professional and hospitable guide.

Let’s come to see me and I will give you a lot of useful information about this land as well as take you to every corner of my beautiful country.